Are you willing to be an everyday explorer?


I’m committing myself to being an everyday explorer. It’s a journey of discovery through new experiences, knowledge, people, places and ideas.

I’m interested in all sorts of things and currently I’m trying to expand my knowledge on how to be a successful blogger. What does that look like for me? It means going from a WordPress supported platform to my own domain and hosting. It’s like exploring a new frontier because that is only one step of many. Continue reading “Are you willing to be an everyday explorer?”

Proverbs 31 Woman

Solid rock woman – that’s how the preacher described my grandmother. He passed out stones to my grandfather, mom, and aunt as a reminder Continue reading “Proverbs 31 Woman”

The Journey Class


Not quite five years ago I found myself in The Journey Class. It had been years since I’d stepped foot in a Sunday School classroom. It had been long enough that I couldn’t recall anyway. They were a mixture of all ages from college level up to 50’s. Being right at 40 I wasn’t feeling like I was too old or too young. Kind of like goldilocks finding just the right porridge – I had found it in the class and the church. Continue reading “The Journey Class”