4 Keys to Emotionally Surviving the Challenges of Life

Emotionally Surviving the Challenges of Life

How do you survive the emotional challenges? I attempted to read the book The Shack by William P. Young and could never stop crying. I finally just stopped. It wasn’t because it’s a terrible book but because the loss of a child is a parents’ greatest fear. Anyway it ranks at the top for me. I’m cruising through my HBO options and I couldn’t help but watch the movie adaptation of the book. I’m sure you guessed it…I cried like a baby. Continue reading “4 Keys to Emotionally Surviving the Challenges of Life”

Off to Colorado I go

Work travel with a side trip to visit with one of my besties! What does this foodie do first…find some awesome food to eat!

Got to Denver for a meeting and had some time to burn before checking into the hotel so I took off for my favorite restaurant The Berkshire. If you love bacon this is the place for you. When I landed it was spitting snow and raining so I had the grilled cheese with BACON and tomato-parmesan-basil soup. Absolute deliciousness!!! Continue reading “Off to Colorado I go”

Part 2 of the Colorado Trip

Come Saturday morning we were up and gathering our belongings to hit the road once again. We had a short visit then on the road to Colorado Springs. We decided to go a different route heading home. The drive down from Westcliffe was spectacular! The rock formations and shear cliffs were a reason to stop and capture the beauty around us. Evergreens galore….the scent just makes you think Christmas. Continue reading “Part 2 of the Colorado Trip”


I saw a picture yesterday that reminded me of so many things – beauty, survival, adaption, friendship, beginnings and endings. A lot for one picture I know.

The dandelion is a symbol to me of survival, overcoming the elements and thriving despite whatever comes your way. So much so I have it as a tattoo. Continue reading “Friendship”

Let’s go for a ride

Last week, I was in Florida working and extended my trip through the weekend to spend time with my friends. Taking a mini-vacation! Like super mini. Continue reading “Let’s go for a ride”