Foodie Finds in Dallas

Foodie Finds in Dallas

I recently made a quick trip to Dallas for work and enough time to find a couple of new places thanks to friends and coworkers. Plus I went to one of my favorite family owned restaurants.


If you’re looking for a quick bite at an affordable price this is it. The meat is cooked on the grill and it has great flavor. I really wanted to try the barbacoa, but opted for the house specialty which is chicken. Pollo Regio…the chicken has to be good when it’s in the name. Continue reading “Foodie Finds in Dallas”

How to make Lazy Chili Rellenos – Hatch Pepper Style

Lazy Chili Rellenos - Hatch Pepper Style

I hate people who are not serious about meals. It is so shallow of them. — Oscar Wilde

I’m in love with hatch peppers. I’m super serious about food in the sense that it just needs to taste good and fit my carb count these days. As a reforming foodie I can’t just go off and eat everything I want. I can’t be a snob of certain food groups. Fortunately I can still eat cheese and eggs without the carb count skyrocketing, and they taste good when cooked correctly. Add in hatch peppers and now we’re talking. Continue reading “How to make Lazy Chili Rellenos – Hatch Pepper Style”

Food = Love

An appropriate topic with Valentine’s Day looming this week. All about some LOVE! ❤ I’ve spent several days watching Food Network while I’ve been sick and confined to the house. Continue reading “Food = Love”

Girl’s Day Out – Branson, MO

Busy lives…we all have them, so finally this weekend my gf and I were able to take time out for a girl’s day! We’re fortunate that we live in the Ozarks, so we can enjoy the beauty of the area and be able to do a little shopping. Shopping we did….if you like outlet malls there are several in Branson and my fave is Tanger (the orange roof one). Although I actually didn’t go to any of them, but hit up an old faithful…TJMaxx. Continue reading “Girl’s Day Out – Branson, MO”