4 Keys to Emotionally Surviving the Challenges of Life

Emotionally Surviving the Challenges of Life

How do you survive the emotional challenges? I attempted to read the book The Shack by William P. Young and could never stop crying. I finally just stopped. It wasn’t because it’s a terrible book but because the loss of a child is a parents’ greatest fear. Anyway it ranks at the top for me. I’m cruising through my HBO options and I couldn’t help but watch the movie adaptation of the book. I’m sure you guessed it…I cried like a baby. Continue reading “4 Keys to Emotionally Surviving the Challenges of Life”

Happy Holidays: Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Santa on a Harley Davidson

A long weekend in south Arkansas might not be the first destination that comes to mind. So indulge me as we tour through my recent weekend trip.

Gillett is a farming community located in the delta area of Arkansas. Rice fields always come to mind, but they produce soybeans and other row crops. My uncle can give me a detailed list I’m sure. Or there’s Google. Continue reading “Happy Holidays: Eat, Drink & Be Merry”

Celebrating the Advent season with a child a state away – it can be done 

Advent Candle

Advent season is approaching like a freight train. How quickly this year has zoomed by and we are entering into December. I feel like I was run over a few times on the way to this month, but we’ve arrived. Advent is a season that I’d never really participated in until I joined the Christian Church, but it has become part of our Christmas traditions. To me it puts Christ at the forefront because each week of advent we are celebrating the promise of Christ’s birth. In our house we follow the pattern of the church with candle lighting, scripture reading and a prayer maybe not in that order though. Continue reading “Celebrating the Advent season with a child a state away – it can be done “

Another holiday weekend come and gone 

Fall Leaves

Thanksgiving is a great time to spend with family gorging on the traditional fare and hanging out. I enjoy the time off but this isn’t my favorite holiday. If it wouldn’t cause a riot I’d probably travel during my time off. With my son staying with his dad during this holiday I always feel at loose ends. I hate Black Friday shopping so that’s out, so instead long naps and leaf raking happens. It’s dismal and I need a new plan for next year because this is getting old! Continue reading “Another holiday weekend come and gone “

Food = Love

An appropriate topic with Valentine’s Day looming this week. All about some LOVE! ❤ I’ve spent several days watching Food Network while I’ve been sick and confined to the house. Continue reading “Food = Love”