4 Levels of Hurt Feelings


People can be hurtful, mean and rude. They can hurt our feelings either intentionally or not with a misspoken word or action. I can allow their attitude to affect my day, week, month or year. Really it’s up to me to decide who has control. Me or them.

Yes, it might hurt my feelings for a little bit, but I’m not going to allow someone to suck joy out of my life. It’s hard enough to come by on a daily basis. Continue reading “4 Levels of Hurt Feelings”

3 things to know about dogs on a diet

My sweet, plump furbaby, aka my dog, got a poor report from the vet on her last visit. She has a heart murmur and she’s a tad overweight. Those two things don’t go together if I want her to have a long healthy life. I did some research and looked for the best food for an older dog with a heart condition. Changing foods is no fun but it had to be done.

I decided to hit up the local Tractor Supply store, since I know they carry some of the premium options that I was trying to choose between.

It felt like I had a million options and in reality it was only four. Continue reading “3 things to know about dogs on a diet”

Celebrating the Advent season with a child a state away – it can be done 

Advent Candle

Advent season is approaching like a freight train. How quickly this year has zoomed by and we are entering into December. I feel like I was run over a few times on the way to this month, but we’ve arrived. Advent is a season that I’d never really participated in until I joined the Christian Church, but it has become part of our Christmas traditions. To me it puts Christ at the forefront because each week of advent we are celebrating the promise of Christ’s birth. In our house we follow the pattern of the church with candle lighting, scripture reading and a prayer maybe not in that order though. Continue reading “Celebrating the Advent season with a child a state away – it can be done “

Happiness shared

Happiness only real when shared ~ Christopher McCandless

I watched the movie ‘Into the Wild’ the other night and this quote struck me. I travel a lot, I live alone, I spend a lot of time alone so did this make all the experiences I’ve had unhappy or lacking happiness. Sometimes I want someone there to share the experience, to enjoy the moment and to revel in the freedom but there are plenty of times I know I’m content with myself. Continue reading “Happiness shared”

Long distant parenting 

Being a parent long distant is agonizing lots of times. I try to have regular communication without appearing to be a helicopter parent which is challenging from a state away. Continue reading “Long distant parenting “