10 must read books for a variety of ages

Stack of books

It should say 100 but I was afraid of deterring some folks. I mean I have my own library. Custom bookshelves that are built-in. Reading is serious business in my house. I have books on about any open surface because I read multiple books at one time. In this blog I’ve tried to list books that have been meaningful to me over the years and explain why they stood out to me. All of them are excellent stories that are well written and sometimes they make you laugh, cry, or go hmm. There is a combination of fiction and non-fiction that should perk up the avid readers interest and maybe the not so avid. So let’s dig in and see what amazing works I’ve thrown out for your enjoyment! Continue reading “10 must read books for a variety of ages”

Black & white experiment

I was tagged recently to post black and white pics for seven days. If you’ve been on Facebook you’ve probably seen some of your friends doing this and then finding other willing victims to do the same. Continue reading “Black & white experiment”

What defines you?

‘We cling to memories as if they define us, what we do is what defines us.’

Continue reading “What defines you?”

Goal achiever or just a setter: Practical strategies for success

Goals Quote

I love reading articles on LinkedIn. Sounds like a sickness but I find it relaxing. I came across an article that sparked my interest, but I didn’t have time to read it so I saved it. Such a handy feature.

The article will “squash all of those limiting perspectives and provide concrete strategies you can use to achieve your goals. There are no fixed-limits.” That statement alone peaked my interest and then I got to the core principles. I’m not going to cover all 21 principles but focus on some that stand out to me. For the full article click here. I highly recommend reading it because what is significant for me might not be the same for you. Continue reading “Goal achiever or just a setter: Practical strategies for success”

Anyone for pie?!

Don’t you just want to bake someone a pie and then drop the mic on them like Minnie did in ‘The Help’. Continue reading “Anyone for pie?!”