College dorm room essentials for a guy

College dorm essentials for a guy

I’ve talked about prepping my kid for college because I’m a serious planner I start way in advance. I research, read everything I can find, dig through Pinterest like I’m mining for gold, and what do I come up with not a heck of a lot for guys going of to college. There is a ton for girls. So I came up with a list of dorm room essentials for a guy!

It really made me feel like I was back to buying him baby clothes and you can find a million cute things for girls and a few basic items for boys. Guys are just as important and as a prepper mom I need details. Plus I’m the mom of an ONLY so there is no previous kid I’ve bought for or one that will come after – this is it!

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Prepping for College

Prepping for college

My son is about to finish up his senior year of high school. He is a week and half away from graduation except prepping for college actually began back in July of last year.

We made the college visit to Iowa State University, which has been his top pick since the ninth grade. He’s a decisive kid. He told me after 15 minutes “Mom, this is it! This is where I want to go.” I was like whoa kid we still have the rest of the day.  Continue reading “Prepping for College”

What I Learned as a High School Teacher

What I learned as a high school teacher

As school is coming to an end for the year I always reflect back on my time as a high school teacher. It was only 5 short years I taught. There have been experiences and insights that have stayed with me long after I moved on. I’m going to give ya’ll my top 5.

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Empowering your career

Empowering your career

I spent the last week in Memphis, Tennessee at a team meeting and on the last day we visited the National Civil Rights Museum. I had been there on a previous visit, but this time we had a guide that gave a new perspective, It made me think about my career and being a woman, and what that means in this day and age. For the last 20 plus years I’ve worked in more than one male dominated industry, which brings challenges and struggles along the way. Continue reading “Empowering your career”

My unique relationship with the TSA agent

My unique relationship with the TSA agent

I want to talk about some serious business. TSA. I get more action going through TSA than should be appropriate. All last year I was getting the crotch and boob check almost every time I went through. I was flying a week at a time at least twice a month for almost a year. You do the math…lots of touching.

If I were into chicks this would be a good deal. I’ve tried changing up my wardrobe. I hitch my pants. Nada works. I finally went through 3 flights this year as I started my traveling season where I didn’t get the crotch check, and I thought yes! I’ve got this figured out. Really I would think this TSA agent would be sick of touching my cookie cause I get the same chick every time.

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